NthoNet keeps an up to date selection of IP Phones to suit your individual needs. All of our phones are unlocked and NthoNet logo-free.  We support most major VOIP phone manufacturers and are happy to assist customers converting to our system.  We specialize in two major phone brands; the Aastra and Polycom:

  • Polycom – These are more traditional phones, with less features but with an emphasis on sound quality.  If you require a hands-free speaker phone all the time no matter the level of noise conditions, these instruments are for you.

We also carry specialized devices such as conference phones, door phones or analog terminal adapters:

  • Conference – Conference environment instruments are special for conference tables or small office areas where people gather to use a speaker phone.  In this environment noise canceling features are a must.
  • Analogue Terminal Adapters “ATA” allow you to plug in traditional analog phones.  They are typically needed for guest areas or outdoor call boxes.  We also have door phones with video cameras and keypad entry.