What is VOIP?

VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol.  This is the replacement for legacy phone systems most businesses have become accustomed to using.  This legacy PBX has system brain “PBX” located somewhere in your office, usually a server room or a closet, that all of your handsets connect.  Your telephone carriers will drop off phone trunks to this legacy PBX.  Instead, we utilize your current Internet connection to connect your handsets to our hosted PBX in the cloud.  No PBX to manage, update or repair.  Even if you loose your internet connection our PBX in the cloud will still be answering your calls and taking message or delivering calls to your cell phone via Follow-Me-Find-Me.  Our engineers can assist you and/or your IT staff to properly design and maintain a network reliable for VOIP service.

Why does my business need VOIP?

VOIP allows you to consolidate your phone vendor and your carrier into one solution that can reduce costs while expanding features and service. If you are the type of company with the motto, “if it is not broke do not fix it” then VOIP is probably not for you.  If you like cutting edge technology then this may be the right choice for you.  To learn more if VOIP is the right choice for your business, contact one of our friendly sales associates to help you design a new system.  We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What do the handsets look like?

They look like normal business style handsets.  Please check them out here.

Can my network handle VOIP?

This a very good question and one that is not answered honestly by most carriers.  Depending on the size and scope of your phone system, your internet network may not be able to handle VOIP.  One of our engineers will be able to determine if this may be the case for you or not.

Do you do network consulting?

No.  We will assist and advise you or your network consultant but we will not preform consulting tasks. This keeps us neutral and unbiased.

Do I need a network consultant?

90% of the time, yes.  You may need a network consultant but if you are knowledgeable in this field or have a knowledgeable IT person in your company then no, it’s not necessary.

What is QOS?

Quality of Service “QOS”. This is the essential part of VOIP calls not to sound like a bad cell phone connection. When someone in the office is using all the bandwidth for downloading files or uploading to share site, VOIP phone calls can turn bad, really fast.  This is where QOS comes into play.  QOS properly implemented into firewall can eliminate the dropped packets that are caused when maxing out your internet connection.  Also, internal QOS should be implemented on high bandwidth networks.  This is where implementation of vlan or physical LAN can greatly improve VOIP quality.

What is the reason some companies are not satisfied with VOIP?

For some reasons mentioned above which are not properly implemented, some companies assume they can plug in phones to their existing network and everything should work fine. This is not the case and has lead to VOIP getting a bad reputation of not working properly. At NthoNet, we aim to change the “bad” reputation of VOIP by assisting in all aspects to make VOIP work properly for your company.

Can I fax on VOIP?

Yes and no. We provide reliable fax to email service as an added subscription. From our site you can upload PDF’s to send out reliably and the faxes receive via email as a PDF.  You could order an Analog Terminal Adaptor from us and plug in a fax machine but this is not supported on our system and is not reliable.

What features do I get with VOIP?

A better questions is “what do you not get with VOIP”?   Our answer, the headache of maintaining and managing your own PBX. Please check out our features list here.