About Us

NthoNet, Inc. is a different kind of voice carrier, and you will love the differences! We are a boutique company for businesses that want to work with a provider who will tailor a phone system to your specific needs. Most VOIP business class providers do not provide support, they simply ship you phones. This leaves your IT staff to do the installation and deal with any problems that arise. Instead, we do it all for you! Our team of highly experienced professionals will work with you to determine the best plan and equipment for your company and your budget. We then do the entire installation so seamlessly your communications will not be disrupted. Plus we provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have hands-on support immediately should you need it. We never want to grow so big that we cannot provide the individual attention that you and your communication needs deserve! You don’t need an IT department, because we do it all, and we do it well. Call us today for a free analysis of your requirements, and let us show you how we can save you money using custom solutions and the latest in VOIP technology.

Having your telephone service with the traditional telephone companies, or “legacy” providers, means you are using a system that probably utilizes fifty year-old copper lines and outdated technology. Plus there is the expense of the equipment you must purchase. The old PBX systems are bulky and cumbersome and must be constantly maintained. You buy the equipment and then have to deal with both the phone company and the company that provides system maintenance. Why not eliminate all of that and go with one company that does it all and saves you money too? We host your system, so you have no equipment to purchase other than the handsets, keeping your costs down. Minutes are cheaper so you save there as well. Full and prompt maintenance is included in your low monthly price, and we never charge you for changes you may want to make to your system such as programming displays, etc. New handsets connect easily to the system, and cell phones can be set up to act as extensions, among some of the many advantages to our service. We also never blame any problems on your ISP, as do other VOIP providers. We work with our clients until their systems are perfect, and there are many things we know how to do to solve any poorly performing VOIP system. We want to be your partner in excellent communication!